Welcome to the Red Queen Coder!

This is a document about my journey through programming. I probably won’t provide any insight to experienced programmers about how to code, but I hope to give some insight into the types of struggles that exist for someone learning this for the first time and trying to find their place in this crazy, wonderful world.

The name of my blog comes from Alice Through the Looking Glass. The characters in this book are based on chess pieces, and the Red Queen is the non-White queen on this particular chess board. Alice sees the Red Queen running as fast as she possibly can. Alice asks where she is trying to get to by running so fast, and she says that she is simply trying to stay in one place, that if she stops running she will fall behind.

I feel this is an apt analogy for anyone trying to learn iOS programming. The frameworks change so fast that you have to learn as fast as you can just to keep up with the changes!

So welcome to The Red Queen Coder. Enjoy!