Word Press Eccentricity

In one of my previous posts I was trying to use an example of a PHP script declaration. I was perusing my posts and I noticed that what I typed did not show up! The site saw the declaration and processed it as PHP.

That was unexpected.

Unfortunately, I am not using PHP as much as I would like, so I am at a loss as to how to solve this conundrum.

I tried using pre tags. This created a solid block in the middle of the page with no text. So that doesn’t work.

I tried to use an echo statement with single quotes, which is supposed to not interpret any code between the quotation marks. This did not work (it came back with the closing tag, but not the opening tag.

I tried using escape characters, but the code did not print, only the black slashes did.

I removed it for the time being, but I will discover a work around this issue! Mark my words!

Will follow up when I determine the issue.

Randall P. McMurphy

95% of Nothing is Still Nothing

[the inmates are playing cards and betting with cigarettes]
Martini: [rips a cigarette in half] I bet a nickel.
McMurphy: Dime’s the limit, Martini.
Martini: I bet a dime.
[Puts the two halves onto the table]
McMurphy: This is not a dime, Martini. This is a dime.
[shows a whole cigarette]
McMurphy: If you break it in half, you don’t get two nickels, you get shit. Try and smoke it. You understand?
Martini: Yes.
McMurphy: You don’t understand.

Ahh, those magic words that are the saving grace of most students: Partial Credit. You tried. You got most of what you were supposed to understand. We give you a consolation prize. Better luck next time!

That does not work for programming an application. Nintey-five percent of an application does not give you an application, it gives you a bunch of weird looking text.

An application either works or it doesn’t. It is boolean. It is either YES or NO.

That is a hard thing to process when you are a student. You are used to getting a C if you just show up a few times a semester. Most coding teachers will give you some credit for trying, but you know in your soul that if you don’t get your program to work, you don’t get most of a program, you get shit.