Back to School

My Spring Break is over. It was not productive in the way that I would have liked, but was productive in other ways.

We began learning about UITableViews before the break. Eric the teacher told us that when he was learning these he just made them over and over again until he could do them in a few minutes without looking up any of the methods associated with them.

So that is what I did. Every day during the break I redid the exercise in the book at least once. The exercise goes over three chapters. I only did the last chapter twice, but the first one was done almost ten times.

I am not quite at the point that Eric got to, but I feel better about them than I did before. I am now working on the assignment due for today. I probably should not have left it this late, but there is little to do about that now.

I really wanted to get my Cocoa Camp code sample done. I am at the point where I need to create a contingency plan. I have enough knowledge to do what I want to do, except I can’t be sure that I will have the focus to get it working. I know it is different to do something in a structured way than it is to change the context and do it slightly differently. I could probably do what I need to do if I had more time, but that is not the case.

The application does not specify how complex the code sample has to be, so I could always half-ass it and hard code the currency conversion and only do one currency, but that, to me, would be worse than doing nothing at all.