Cocoa Camp 2013: (Almost) Final Countdown

Well, the application for Cocoa Camp 2013 is due tomorrow. I am in the last 30 hours or so that I have to complete a decent code sample and submit it for consideration.

I am modifying what I plan to do for my sample. I am planning to make the whole app a series of table views. In the root view you click on cells to select the data that you wish to submit, then at the bottom you navigate to a view that tells you the conversion.

I am eliminating my flag graphics. I figured out that what I wanted to do is more difficult than what I plan to do and would look substantially less professional.

There will be four cells in my root view. The first will prompt for an amount to be converted. The next two cells will bring up the same list of currencies to choose from. The last cell will navigate you to a view that has the conversion information.

I hope I have enough time to puzzle through it. It is an all-or-nothing thing at this point. I can’t submit it if I can only get it to partially work.

If I can’t get it done by tomorrow I will still complete it and put it in my GitHub “portfolio”, so it won’t be a total wash. It wouldn’t be anyway because doing an outside of class project is always useful.

I will keep you posted as to what happens!