First Day of the Weekend, First Java Project

“Well believe me, Mike, I calculated the odds of this succeeding versus the odds I was doing something incredibly stupid… and I went ahead anyway.”
– Crow T. Robot

I do not have classes on Fridays, so this is the first day of my weekend.

On the docket:

– Complete my first Java project. The project requires me to read a large text file, output it one character at a time to a text file, then write another text file saying how many unique tokens are in the file. This project is due Monday

– Do my assignment for iOS class. This requires me to read a chapter in the book, complete the tutorials in the book, and complete the challenges in the book. This is due Tuesday.

– Try to work ahead in the iOS book. This will likely be delayed until next weekend whenI do not have the Java project obligation to complete.

At my Java class on Wednesday Eric asked me how far I was on the Java project. I told him I was spending most of my time on iOS. I told him I still had a few days to complete the Java project. At this point he started laughing at me, so I do not take that as a particularly good sign.

I asked him what was more important to dedicate my time to. He said both of them are important. This was not a helpful answer.

I then proceeded to write a long rambling email explaining why Java was easier and therefore slightly less important than iOS in my list of priorities. I foresee this biting me in the ass sometime around five o’clock on Sunday afternoon. We shall see.

Today is most likely to be my most productive day because my husband is out of the house at work. Got sidetracked by having to go out and shovel the snow. It wasn’t as bad as I feared it would be, so thank god for small favors. My dog was peering out at me while I was shoveling giving me a sad, mournful look. I felt sorry for it until I remembered that I was outside busting my butt in the cold shoveling snow and it got to stay inside where it was warm and I got over it.

So, time to make tea and forage for lunch while I settle down and focus on the task at hand. We’ll see how much progress I make and how long it takes me to get stuck on my project.