Getting Back on Track

Due to injury, illness, and ennui, I have gotten a tad bit behind in my classes.

In my iOS class, we have class on Tuesday and Thursday. All of our homework is due Tuesday, no exceptions (except for attending programming conferences, but that won’t fly every week). Eric has office hours on Monday and Tuesday. The office hours on Tuesday are after class, so if you don’t get it done before then, no dice.

It’s just a little hard to figure out where you are going to be stuck and what questions to ask. I plan to have everything mostly done by Monday afternoons from now on so that I can ask questions before stuff is due.

Part of the problem is that I have Advanced Java with Eric right before office hours. I find it hard to mentally switch gears between those two quickly. It usually takes me 20 minutes or so to adjust my brain waves, so going from Java to office hours to talk about iOS is hard for me to do. I will just have to adjust my though processes.

I am not so far behind that I can’t catch up. I am not irreparably lost, I just need to do some maintenance to shore up my knowledge base so that I don’t get to that point. It’s like deciding to go on the diet when you have gained 10 pounds rather than ignoring the problem until it gets out of hand!

The Red Queen slowed down a little. Time to start running as fast as I can again. Break is over!