My ADN Client Project

One of the goals I have had this semester was learning how to create an app utilizing an API. There are a lot of things I keep hearing about that I don’t really have familiarity with that I want to understand better. Using an API is at the top of that list.

My understanding of our class assignments is that we are primarily working on two different long-term app projects. One of them is one of our choosing (which will be my Core Audio app) and one that will be an client. We are being given permission to use the API to develop an ADN client for educational purposes. If we want to publish our client we need to pay the developer license, but for the time being we can see what it is like to practice making a client app. has a tremendous amount of functionality. There is a large variety of various different types of app clients released for ADN. Initially a few of them caught my eye. Ohai looked interesting because it was different than a lot of the other straightforward apps that just republished a stream. Ohai is a journaling app that will allow you to record where you are and what you are doing utilizing the ADN framework.

Rivr also looks interesting. I like the design and the feel that it conveys. Yawp! also caught my eye, but that was just because of the name.

The one I decided to model my project off of is Photolicious. I have been interested in using the GPUImage framework for a long time. When I was deciding what I wanted to focus my energy on this summer it was between Core Audio and GPUImage. It was a tough decision but I chose Core Audio. I am glad that I am being afforded an opportunity to use both of these technologies.

I need to spend some time looking through the ADN documentation and messing around with GPUImage. I will catalogue what I learn from these things as they progress.