New Blog I am Contributing to

I was recently asked to be a contributor to a new blog:


This is an offshoot of the blog Cocoanetics.

Techcriquette’s focus is on women in programming. We will be talking about our experiences as women dealing with sexism and things that we would do to try and broaden the different kinds of people who work in technology.

I may be “recycling” some of my posts between these two blogs, so if you by some miracle are reading both blogs, I wanted to clarify that I am not a plagiarist and that any article posted on this blog is written by me.

I am working on figuring out how to identify any article I wrote on Techcriquette. I also have figured out that I need to revamp my site somewhat. I believe it need a small redesign and I also need to figure out how to set up the site to tweet anytime I create a new blog post and to allow others to retweet my posts.

I am certain these are not large things, I just have not had the time or inclination to make them happen.

This is going on my list of things to do when my semester is over. That list is getting awfully darn long!