New Directions

I have several things going on over the next month. In about two weeks I have my very first tech talk at Snow*Mobile. Two weeks after that I am giving my first hard-core tech talk at CocoaConf in Chicago.

I still, at this point, do not have an app out on the store. I find this personally embarrassing. I have had some issues over the last few months that have interfered with my ability to focus on my work. I tend to get into a rut where I want to learn about something and once I know about it I tend to want to move on to something else. I need to produce something.

I am going to try and create an app that is ready to be deployed to the App Store in the next month. Over the next month I am also going to try and write about what I am doing every single day.

I would like to write a book on how to create an iOS app utilizing an API. I want this to be along the lines of “Learning Core Data” by Tim Roadley. That book not only talks about Core Data, it also talks about how to populate the UI with the data you are persisting in the data model.

I would like my prospective book to talk about HTTP, NSURLSession, and REST on the networking end of things. I would like to speak about Core Data and data modeling along with aspects of UI.

So part of the purpose of the blog for the time being is to talk about the progress I am making on my app while seeing if I can take the pieces I am working with and explaining them in a useful manner to someone who might be looking for a resource. I also want to see if I can actually write every single day on a focused topic.

Later today I will publish a post detailing my plans for the next few weeks. I will include detailed information about the app I am working on and how I intend to implement it. As time goes on I will write posts about how to utilize the various technologies I am implementing and the resources I used.

I can’t change yesterday. Tomorrow hasn’t happened yet. All I can worry about is what I do now. Now is the most important time because it will never come again.