Restarting the Cocoa Camp Code Sample

Okay, I have come down from my coding high from CocoaConf and I am back to mediocre reality.

I need to work on the currency converter for Cocoa Camp. I need to start it over.

Originally, I did not want any user input other than them selecting the currency and pushing a button because we all know if the user can get something wrong, they will. I did not want to have to validate that any input they had was a number.

Well guess what. That is a requirement of the code sample, it must take a user input for the number. Crap.

Oh well. I think I can still make it where I don’t need to validate numbers. I can create a UIPicker that hold four digits that can be rotated to make any number from 0 to 9999.

Now I just need to make sure all my pickers don’t take up too much layout space or make the app aesthetically unpleasing. I believe there is a way to hook the picker up to a text box so instead of you getting a keyboard you get a picker.