Second Chances

I don’t remember if I talked at all about Cocoa Camp, but I did not complete my code sample. I figured out a few days before hand that I had designed it wrong in my head and it would look really bad. I wanted to use grouped table views with editable cells, but I do not know how to program those. I got too stuck in my head, panicked, then shut down.

I tried not to think about it, but now that I know other people in my program are going I feel disappointed in myself for not even trying. Even if I turned in something that didn’t win, at least I would have thrown my hat in the ring.

So hey! I get another chance! WWDC has student scholarships where you have to submit an app. Unfortunately, I have a week (5 days from now) to complete the app along with the application.

I have less time, but I am planning an app that is within my ability to code. I am not trying to learn a new skill, I just have to make something slightly more complex than I have been doing up until now. I feel confident with my grasp of the concepts I will be using.

Trying to manage my panic and stay focused without getting burned out. Going to ask for help much sooner than I did for Cocoa Camp if I need it.

It is weird trying to come up with my own idea and design for an app rather than completing an assignment for a teacher. This is the first time I have attempted to do anything like this.

If I get this done in a way that I feel good about, I will be happy with that. I would love to go to WWDC, but if I give my best and I don’t succeed, at least I will know I put out something I am proud of.