Still Almost there!

Okay, I bit the bullet and asked for an explanation on this project. Apparently most of us did not get it to work and we wanted to get an understanding of how this works.

I had all the components of the project present, but they were in the wrong places. I forgot that we had the View Controller class.

It’s funny. Everything in iOS has names that tell you exactly what it does, but sometimes your brain just kind of blanks on what to do with it.

So you have a View Controller. What does it do? It controls views. You don’t try to control the view from the class you are creating the view in, you outsource it to the class that does that job.

Sometimes you get hyper focused on the small part of the picture that you lose sight of the whole picture.

Speaking of that, now is time for me to determine how to proceed. I would like to make this project work, but I have a Java project due on Monday that I have not been focusing on. I blithely believe that I can breeze through this project without getting stuck, which is probably a stupid belief to have.

I also have another chapter to get through in the Big Nerd Ranch book. We are being advised by Eric to do the same amount of work, but to do it a week early. So he is saying we should work a chapter ahead. This requires me to read three chapters: Last week, this week, and next week.

I think I will implement this suggestion, but I will do so next week. I have other obligations this week, so this isn’t a priority.

So, due next week: Weekly iOS assignment and my first Java project. Plus we have another Snowpocalypse coming tomorrow, so I will be stuck shoveling for an hour or more.