UIPickerView Insight

So for the last week or so I was trying to wrap my head around how to create a custom class of the UIPickerView type. I have two instances where I need to have a list of the same set of options and I didn’t want to repeat my code. Usually that entails putting something in its own class.

Wasn’t really sure about how to do this with that type of object. It already is its own class, so how do you create a class around that? Is it a subclass of UIPickerView or of UIView? How do you implement the UIPickerView required methods if you are trying to put everything in its own class.

It finally occurred to me that it is its own class. I don’t need to subclass it or put any of this stuff in its own class because it already exists. I can create two UIPickerView instances and set them to the same information.

Don’t know if I am explaining my problem clearly. Now that I understand it I am using terminology in my explanation of my problem that I then used to solve the problem.

Basically was over thinking things. I was dealing with something I have never seen before and I assumed it to be a completely foreign thing instead of thinking of it in context of what it actually is and how it functions.

So feel slightly silly for spending so much time pounding my head against a wall trying to solve a “problem” that someone else already solved for me.