Overcoming Stumbling Blocks

After descending from my information euphoria last night, I have started tackling problems in the real world. And so it goes…

I had been having some problems with my iOS projects the last few weeks. They seem like they are working, until I build them and try them out in the simulator. Then the app crashes and Xcode takes me to the Main method.

This makes no sense. I don’t do anything in the Main method. I don’t even know where the main method is located in the damn project!

This kept happening and it was frustrating me because clearly I was doing something wrong for this to keep popping up.

Today I noticed that under the main window the console was open and it was full of random gibberish. On a whim I scrolled through the gibberish.

Success!! At the top of the gibberish was a message saying the program threw an exception and told me where the problem really was! Huzzah!

Got my current projects running. Now I can go back and figure out why my other projects don’t work. No rest for the wicked.