Cocoa Camp 2013 Code Sample first impressions

The application for Cocoa Camp requires you to create a currency conversion app for the iPhone. The only requirements are that the app compiles and that it converts one currency to another. Beyond that, you can make it as complex or simple as you like/can deal with.

I would like to extract the data in real time rather than hard code it in. Once you figure out how to extract the data, it isn’t that hard to scale it to more than one currency. I am currently planning to have ten different currencies.

I also plan to display the flags associated with each currency and to make the text green if the conversion is higher and make it red if it is lower.

So this project has a few moving pieces. I need to create a picker menu with the currencies I am planning to offer conversion for. I need to extract the data and apply it to my output. I need to use the data to determine what flags I output.

There is a big piece of information that is used by all parts of my app, and that is the exchange rate information. I need to take the countries selected by the picker, send them to the place to get the rate, return it, then send it to an output for the rate. I also need to send the county info to the output for the flags.

I will probably create a diagram charting this out.

I also want to get this done soon, like within the next week. The application is not due until April, but I don’t want to spend a month on this. I contacted Apple about this program before the information was released and they sent me the information about it. So someone there knows that I have known about the camp since the data was released.

I don’t want to half-ass this, but I do have very clear goals that I want the app to accomplish and how I want it to work. I believe the goals I have created for this app are attainable in the amount of time I have given myself. If I get stuck I have a few people I can talk to for advice about what to do.

I am not going to get into any details about exactly how I accomplished this on my blog until after the deadline. I highly doubt anyone who will be applying to this along with me even reads my blog, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I created my stub project. I included most of the classes I believe I will need. I have already started this once when I decided to come at it from a different angle. I have the old version of the project in another folder. Tonight I am going to review the different pieces that I need to use so that I can build everything once instead of putting things in the wrong places and wondering why my code doesn’t work.

I hope this will be enough. I can’t think of a way to make this more complex without creating app bloat. I am hoping that most people won’t do this much, or if they do that I did it better!