Prepping for CocoaConf Chicago 2013

I think I just packed more for a three-day trip to Chicago than I did when I spent two weeks in China.

I packed a dress and dressy paraphernalia in case I have to go somewhere nice. I packed my make-up, even though I usually don’t wear it in case I feel the urge to.

I packed tea and a tea infuser. I am sure they will have coffee and hot water at the conference, but last time they ran out of the tea I like, so I am bringing my own.

I am bringing a bunch of board games so that I have an ice breaker for strangers and an excuse to spend time with people where we are doing something and it isn’t creepy.

I am bringing my Kindle in case I get bored and want to read. I am bringing a paper book in case my Kindle’s battery dies (I can’t find the charger).

I really hope that they have Wi-Fi at the conference. You would be surprised at the number of places that don’t do that. Now that I have migrated all my programming books online I will need the Wi-Fi to do anything.

I am rooming with a girl from a different class. I hope I don’t freak her out with all of my voluminous amounts of crap.

At the last conference I was at one of the speakers talked about getting rid of anything in their lives that didn’t fit in a backpack. Thinking about that makes me curl in the fetal position breathing into a brown paper bag.

Now, just need to make sure I pack my computer and clothes!!